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Pig Rider

This post is about Tinker Games’ latest release, Pig Rider. Our site is not finished yet so I’ll just post about it here.

Pig Rider is a drag racing game. You will help the Rider by changing the gear perfectly, make him accelerate faster and jumping to avoid all the obstacles.

YouTube Trailer

The inspiration comes from the Android/iOS hit Drag Racing. Simple mechanics, addictive with its upgrades and races. We have a gameplay addition, jumping, to make it not-so-simple and have more variety.

Pig Rider have a twist. In a world of endless game, you can actually finish this race. By doing the quests and collecting money from doing various cool things, you can make your ride more powerful. Hence, your chance to finish will be higher. 500 meters is quite a long journey though, and is quite impossible to achieve without upgrading the rider’s armor (or so we plan it to be). You will get a special screen if you win the race.

Oh, you also can ask any questions about it here.