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Animu Torrent Checker

I have a few resolutions to do this year, and one of them is to create and/or share my hobby projects to public. It will be open-source and released monthly. This could mean I’ll release my old project or create new ones within a month. So.. this is it for January.

AnimuTorrentChecker: a program to automatically download anime torrent, because I’m that lazy that’s why.


Anime series are usually aired per-season, for example on Winter, Spring, or Summer. Every season there will be a number of anime released weekly according to their own schedule. Then, after it was aired, fansubber will create the english subtitle for the series, re-encode the files, and release the translated anime for the public. These files will be distributed using torrent and the torrent files usually hosted on torrent tracker sites such as tokyotosho or nyaa.

I already said I’m lazy, and it takes so much effort to check on some days, especially weekends, which anime that were already subbed and released from certain fansubber team. I also can say that every person have their own favourite fansub team for certain series, because some fansub team is good, some is fast, some is amusing. I think it was on AFAID 2013 dates, and I needed to travel to other city for several days. I can just imagine going home exhaustedly and need to download all the missed show, when I just want to watch them fast and sleep.


All the above leads me to a solution, of course, to create a simple program made from me to be used just by me. Only me, not other users, not target market, whoever they are. I then programmed the functionality based the use-case I will use the program, which is download from home PC, check progress and change settings from wherever (cloud). Because the fastest language I can code is C#, the program itself is a console-based using .NET for the implementation.

When running, AnimuTorrentChecker will check every few minutes the anime list I want to check (which title and what subber), download the torrent file when it shows up, and update the data to check the next episode of the series. The downloaded torrent itself will be automatically ran by the usual torrent program (ex: uTorrent).

Animu Torrent Checker
‘ Animu Torrent Checker in Action

I usually run the program at Thursday – Monday, checking the progress from Dropbox. This can be done because I set the checker to download the torrent files to a dropbox folder, and make uTorrent to download and load whatever torrent on that folder. I can simply see if the torrents are there and already loaded by uTorrent because it will change the extension to .loaded.

Source files and usage instruction are on github. No binary as of now because I want to refactor/change technology/create new features sometimes in the future. Overall, it’s working great for me and now I can put the time when I wait and check released anime to something more productive. Like browing reddit aimlessly or something.



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